From customers battling menopause


Great for menopause

This blanket is breathable and is the first thing that has helped with night sweats related to menopause.

- Carrie K.


Best blanket for menopause! First comforter my husband and I are both comfortable with.

- Amy M.

Too Hot Mama

I’ve been struggling with menopause and the muslin blanket has been a life saver. It’s absolutely perfect in every way! I can’t wait to give them as gifts to all of my family, now!

- Laura R.

Love It.

Love This Blanket! Love the big blanket! Husband and I are not constantly pulling blanket to our side to cover up. Its light and warm, perfect for me actually. Going thru menopause and I overheat, so this blanket is just right.

- Rita

Best Blanket Ever!

As I hit peri menopause , waking up at night with hot flashes was uncomfortable. Found this blanket and it’s weight is perfect: feels soft and as if the multiple layers breathe while providing just the right amount of warmth. Don’t hesitate. I got mine in the dark gold color.

- Becky K.

Love my Muslin comforter!

I got y first Muslin comforter this summer and Already love it! I went into menopause last year and have always slept with a down comforter but just couldn’t take how hot I was every night. I got a Muslin comforter i white and it’s the perfect weight for how hot I am at night. I can sleep comfortably all night without throwing off my covers!

- Stephanie C.

Life changing!

I am so happy I found your company, your 365 Blanket has been a life changer for me! Good ol menopause makes for very uncomfortable sleeping and this blanket fixes that! I am so happy and thrilled that I invested in your product, so happy that I bought pillow shams too. Thank you for this incredible blanket, it has made sleeping possible again! THANK YOU!

- Jane O.

This blanket is absolute heaven

This blanket is absolute heaven and has changed the way I sleep entirely! As a woman going through early menopause due to a surgical procedure, I suffer from terrible hot and cold flashes that keep me up at night. This blanket has cut that down by 1/2, at least. I am sold! And I now need one for every bed in my home!!!!

- Jennifer S.


This blanket is magical. I don't know how it works but it is a life changer! I am in that "season" of life where night sweats are horrific! I can now sleep through the night without ever kicking off the covers and being drenched in sweat then freezing and repeating this cycle multiple times a night! I love how soft the blanket is, how pretty it looks on my bed, how the weight of it is so comforting, and most of all I am able to no longer suffer through a night of interrupted sleep! The cost is well worth it! I have spent a ton of money on menopause naturopathic remedies that haven't worked so this is blanket is an answer to prayer!

- Mama B.

The Perfect Blanket!

Going through the joy of menopause with hot flashes and night sweats has been miserable. I have tried many blankets, quilts, coverlets that say they will keep you cool, but none really worked for me. During yet another search I wanted to see if someone made an adult size muslin blanket to try and found Muslin Comfort. Based on the reviews I decided to give it a try. I love these blankets! They are very comfortable and get softer with each wash. They are also not too heavy and do not make me sweat. They are perfect for summer and winter and I recommend them to everyone. I have purchased (6) blankets and throws. My husband and son kept taking my throw so I had to get them their own. You will not be disappointed.

- Karen S.

King Size is SooooOoOOo Big!

We are liking our 365 blanket so far. I'm in the middle of menopause , and almost every night I wake up feeling like I'm on fire. The 365 doesn't feel like it's cooking me, and my husband who is now always cold likes how it keeps him warm even while I have 2 fans blowing on me all night. We'll have to see as we get into the winter months, but I think it will transition nicely. The only thing that sort of bothers me is that this king-sized blanket is HUGE! It hangs way over the edges of the bed, and I personally don't like my bed coverings to be so long/wide. BUT the size does help with the "fighting over the blanket" situations because there's plenty to cover both of us at all times.

- Jennifer S.

My blanket makes hot flashes bearable.

My first Muslin Comfort blanket has changed my life. I am a breast cancer survivor, following a bilateral mastectomy two years ago. The estrogen inhibitor medication I take causes hot flashes . My Muslin Comfort blanket makes the hot flashes bearable. An added benefit is that my husband, who is inflexible in most things, has embraced this blanket. It keeps him warm and keeps me cooler. Thank you for this quality product.

- Sharon T.