What is muslin cotton?

Did you know that muslin (pronounced “muhz·luhn”) fabric dates back to 1298 CE, when Marco Polo described the cloth in his book The Travels?! Due to muslin fabric's unique breathable weave and durability in layers, it used to be considered a luxury fabric as highly prized as silk! 

Muslin cotton is a breathable, durable cotton fabric that's fibers are separated and woven in an wider pattern than other fabrics. Think gauze! Gauze is an example of 1 layer muslin cotton. However it is not soft. 

At Muslin Comfort, we use OEKO-Tex certified 100% pure cotton muslin (no polyester fillers!) that is put through multiple enzyme washes to achieve its super soft feel that keeps getting softer with every wash. Because of the unique weave and layers, it is super durable & naturally allows your body to temperature regulate itself. 

Muslin comfort’s adult 365 Blanket allows your body to breathe and does not trap body heat the way competitors’ synthetic fabric blankets do. MC’s bedding will magically help you achieve the perfect night’s sleep, regardless of if you are a hot or a cold sleeper.