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Doctor Recommended for NIGHT SWEATS

Dr. Hunsuck (an OB-GYN) discovered our 365 Blanket and purchased it for her husband battling night sweats. She was so impressed with the 365 Blanket's effectiveness, she now recommends it to all of her patients suffering from night sweats, hormonal changes or menopause symptoms!!!!

Thank you, Dr. Hunsuck!

Meet Founder, Owner & CEO, Shyla Michelle!

I spent my professional life as a trial attorney. It was never my plan to start a brand, but necessity is the "Mother of Invention", and everyone deserves to sleep better! So, here we are!

Welcome to my breathable and OVERSIZED bedding, bath & resort wear brand! Everyone deserves to sleep better!


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The Best for You & Your Family

Muslin Cotton Regular Cotton Other Materials
Regulates Temperature
Effortlessly Elegant
Gentle to Sensitive Skin
Perfectly Soft
For Hot & Cold Sleepers

The best choice—for yourself and the planet

Highest Care Every Thread of the Way

After our founder, Shyla's, search for an American manufacturer left her empty handed, she was briefly forced to manufacture in China. However, she did not rest until she moved production out of China and into the hands of our current small family owned & operated manufacturer in India (the actual true birthplace of muslin fabric)! From using solar energy in the factories to supporting their employees with free healthcare, on-site housing, private schooling for employee's children, and retirement benefits, our manufacturer is the best! Oh, and did we mention they have a water treatment and recycling plant on-site?! In 2022, Shyla and her family flew to India to be "boots on the ground" at the ribbon cutting of Muslin Comfort 's newly built warehouse and worked with the Indian team to ensure consistency, efficiency, and humane practices were in place. They even attended the wedding of the manufacturer’s oldest son! Shyla continues to work tirelessly with our manufacturer to ensure ongoing quality & to fulfill her vision for the brand

  • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Safely produced without the use of harmful chemicals or synthetics.

  • FAIRTRADE Certified Manufacturer.
  • We use only natural cotton in our products. Cotton plants are extremely efficient at removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Every year, cotton plants remove enough CO₂ to equal the emissions of 7 million cars!

  • Our factory is equipped with a wastewater treatment plant that recycles the water for our reuse.

  • We have zero liquid discharge (ZLD)- we eliminate liquid waste and maximize our water usage efficiency.

  • Our factory runs on solar power.

  • We provide our employees with free transport and health care.

  • We provide our employees with education and training programs for the people of the village and surrounding areas of Karur, India.

  • We offer full scholarships for our employees’ children.

  • We create non-repayable Family Emergency Funds for our employees.

  • We provide retirement benefits for all our employees.

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