About Us


Meet Shyla & Family!

As a mom of 2 boys (working full-time as a trial attorney), I never thought I’d be bringing a product to market, but here I am!! 

After too many post-partum night-sweats while co-sleeping with my youngest here in Central California, I became increasingly jealous of my son’s breathable muslin blankets. I kept thinking, "Why does he get the best sleeping blanket?" 😫🤔

My search for an adult muslin blanket for my tall king-size bed began. I was in utter disbelief when I couldn’t find one! I was instantly determined to create one for myself. My first sleep with my coverlet prototype was a sleeping GAME CHANGER, and even Hubby said upon waking, “For the first time, I didn’t wake-up with my nightly leg sweats! I get it!!” (He was very skeptical.) I knew in that moment I had an obligation to make this blanket available to everybody, because EVERYONE DESERVES TO SLEEP BETTER!

Muslin Comfort was born!

While designing and finalizing the 365 Blanket,  I had another “ah-ha” moment and decided to re-invent bedding sizing by offering “oversized” products - finally a blanket that covers the mattress(es) & NO MORE FIGHTING OVER COVERS!

My family and I then began using the muslin more "off-label" and discovered how AMAZING it worked as bath sheets, dish/kitchen towels, bathroom hand towels, burp cloths, baby towels, washcloths and hair towels too! The fabric’s moisture wicking ability,  rapid absorption, and quick drying time mean no more soppy bathroom towels!

My 5-year-old son soon began asking for (actually, it was more like demanding 😂)  "the muslin" instead of a regular towel when he got out of the bath/pool, which then evolved into the Kiddo Cape (which he helped design)! 🤗

I truly hope you adore these bed & bath products as much as we do!!

Happy sleeping!!! 🤗

- Shyla

P.S. I recommend using the 365 Blanket without a top sheet for optimum breathability.

P.P.S. Please excuse the crooked logo sticker on your box. My 5-year-old REALLY likes to help with the packaging 📦😬😊

We source materials worldwide and design, process, and ship from California USA.