About Us

About 100% Cotton Muslin Bed & Bath

As a mom of two boys who works full-time, I never thought I’d be trying to bring a product to market, but here I am. 

I’m currently co-sleeping my littlest here in Central California, where the nights can feel so much hotter than the days. After too many night-sweats, I became increasingly jealous of my son’s breathable muslin blankets. I kept thinking, "Why does he get the best sleeping blanket?" 😫🤔

This led me on a search for an adult muslin coverlet. I was in disbelief when I couldn’t find one. I knew I had to create one myself. Muslin Comfort was born!

My first trial of my coverlet gave me the relaxing, peaceful sleep I had imagined (well, as much as possible with a baby). Even my husband discovered he didn’t have his nightly sweaty legs, enabling him to sleep better as well 😴 (and I appreciated not ever feeling those sweaty legs again!).

While designing and finalizing the coverlet, I began using the muslin more "off-label" and discovered how AMAZING it worked as dish towels, kitchen towels, burp cloths, baby towels, washcloths and hair towels too! No more neck pain while your hair is wrapped in a towel! Their rapid absorption and drying time mean no more soppy bathroom towels.

My 5-year-old son soon began asking for "the muslin" instead of a regular towel when he got out of the pool/bath, which then evolved into the Kiddo Cape. I am SO excited for everyone to try it! 🤗

I truly hope you love these blankets/towels as much as my family does!!

I would love to hear your feedback. Enjoy and sweet dreams!
- Shyla

P.S. I like using the Coverlet without a top sheet for optimum breathability.

P.P.S. Please excuse the crooked logo sticker on your box. My 5-year-old REALLY likes to help with the packaging 📦😬😊

We source materials worldwide and design, process, and ship from California USA.