Our Story

Meet Shyla & Family!

The need to find a soft, breathable, oversized, all-natural, attractive cotton comforter led Shyla Michelle (an exhausted trial attorney & boy mom), to develop her own (and we are thankful she did!).

“I couldn’t stand another unbearable sleepless night due to my intense postpartum night sweats (which eventually led to a Lyme disease diagnosis). You don’t realize how sleep deprivation is affecting every aspect of your life until you are already running on empty. No bedding I tried helped (I had tried everything!). I remember the lightning bolt moment that night in May of 2018. I was sitting in the rocking chair nursing my 7-month-old when I realized that I just needed a muslin blanket (like his little muslin swaddle blankets) for my own bed. When my Google/Amazon search revealed absolutely nothing that would work for a big king bed, I became a mad woman on a mission!

The 1st night sleeping with my 1st prototype changed my life, literally. I slept through the WHOLE night! The skeptical hubby also announced on waking, “I didn't wake-up with my nightly leg sweats!” We both looked at each other and we knew. We have an obligation to make this blanket available. Everyone deserves to sleep better!

My 2nd “Aha Moment” came when it dawned on me that I can make Muslin Comfort bedding whatever size I want! Traditional bedding sizing had annoyed me for years, because comforters (even ones claiming to be oversized) are WAY too small. I want BIG blankets! Bedding my husband, kids, and dogs can't steal every night (yet another nightly sleep disturbance).NO MORE FIGHTING OVER COVERS!

My family started using the muslin "off-label" and discovered how AMAZING it works in the bath & kitchens and as clothing! The fabric’s moisture wicking ability, rapid absorption, and quick drying time mean no more drippy moldy towels! My 5-year-old son soon began demanding "the muslin" instead of a regular “scratchy” towel when he got out of the bath/pool, which then evolved into the Kiddo Cape (that he helped design)!

I truly hope you adore these bed, bath, and resort wear products as much as we do!!” - Shyla Michelle

Happy sleeping!!!

- Shyla