Our Manufacturer


In the beginning, our founder, Shyla Michelle, knew she needed to make a breathable adult muslin blanket for her king bed. She needed the banket to be a certain thickness of muslin cotton & big enough to fully cover a king size bed.

Shyla found only 1 manufacturer on the entire planet who said they could make her prototype. That manufacturer was in China. While we had nothing but a good experience with China, Shyla really wanted to bring manufacturing to the USA and out of China. Again her search turned up nothing, but God is good!

Spreading the word of her manufacturing plight, one contact led to another and soon we were working with an AMAZING family-owned & operated manufacturer (Sami) in India (the actual true birthplace of muslin fabric)! Not only is Sami the most experienced and knowledgeable textile manufacturer, but his manufacturing facility really is a cut above the rest. We are and we are fully aligned in terms of how much quality matters.

Not only do Sami’s factories use solar energy, the site has its own water treatment and recycling plant and on-site housing to support their employees. They don’t skimp when it comes to their employees either!! Muslin Comfort’s manufacturer offers free healthcare, private schooling for employee's children, and retirement benefits!! Our manufacturer truly is the best! 

How do we know all the above is true of our manufacturer? Sami invited Shyla and her family to India for the wedding of Sami’s oldest son and to attend the ribbon cutting for Muslin Comfort’s new facility dedicated solely for our use.  In speaking with employees at the factory it was evident that the majority had worked there for quite a long time. It was evident that they enjoy their employment under Sami. Shyla and Sami remain in weekly contact to bring Shyla’s vision & dream for Muslin Comfort to life!