Why Muslin Comfort's Breathable 365 Blanket Helps You Sleep Better

Why Muslin Comfort's Breathable 365 Blanket Helps You Sleep Better

Why Muslin Comfort's Temperature-Regulating 365 Blanket Helps You Sleep Better 

The nightly suffering from sweaty nights, being too hot/cold, and/or dealing with a Blanket Hog are well-known frustrations that many too people laugh about. Yet, sleep is no laughing matter.

Finding that perfect balance of warmth, breathability, and large-enough sizing for a cozy (not sweaty!) quality slumber can be an elusive combination. However, a well-rested and solid night’s sleep can be achieved with the help of Muslin Comfort's signature breathable, temperature-regulating, oversized muslin cotton bedding!

Interestingly enough, muslin cotton fabric has been used for centuries for its durability, breathability, and temperature-regulating weave which prevents overheating. In recent years, it has grown in popularity for baby care and bedding for these same reasons.

At Muslin Comfort we use combed long-staple cotton fibers - the best on the market - to create the softest muslin cotton products! What is muslin?

Muslin is a type of weave primarily used in conjunction with cotton threads. The cotton threads are finely - but loosely - woven (think gauze) to allow air flow to circulate between the layers. This permits your body to temperature regulate itself!!  Synthetic fibers like polyester trap your body heat and do not allow for any airflow or circulation. With 100% pure muslin cotton, even the fibers themselves are breathable!  Muslin cotton is also highly absorbent, is moisture-wicking, and gets even softer over time. On top of that, muslin cotton is a natural, grown-in-dirt plant, making it naturally hypoallergenic and unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

The amazing versatility of muslin cotton makes it a household essential, especially for the bedroom, where sleep is increasingly becoming an issue for so many. 

The many functions of Muslin Comfort’s relationship with its trustworthy family-owned & run manufacturing facility allow for a range of superior quality home and clothing. Muslin Comfort is an unparalleled experience!  

Muslin Comfort is here for you! We offer a wide-range of adult-sized 100% pure muslin cotton blankets, amongst other home and clothing items. And, just like the 365 blanket they have taken inspiration from, these collections are crafted from same 100% pure OEKO-Tex certified muslin cotton fabric and infused with temperature-regulating super powers allowing our body to breathe!