What is a Muslin Blanket Used For?

Breathable, lightweight, and versatile, muslin is really one of those miracle fabrics that has so many different uses for you and your baby. This is the ideal material for infants, it's soft and comfortable and woven in a manner that allows for plenty of airflow to avoid overheating. It won't make baby feel constricted either, offering plenty of freedom for movement of arms and legs. 

With so many benefits of muslin come a wide range of uses. You may already be familiar with some of these ideas for usage, others may be new. But you and your child will both enjoy the wonders of this fabric for years to come. 

Swaddle Your Baby

An excellent use of muslin is for swaddling an infant. That's because the material stretches and breathes, so your child won't feel trapped or overheated. You don't want your baby restrained to the point of incapacitation, that's guaranteed to get the waterworks flowing. It can also result in the baby overheating which will only serve to prevent your child from getting the rest he or she needs. 

Comfy Blanket

Even as your baby starts to grow older, he or she won't yet outgrow muslin. This long-lasting material is ready to stand the test of time because muslin only gets softer and more malleable the more you use it. As a blanket, muslin offers the same benefits of warmth without overheating. Your baby may love the muslin so much it becomes more than just a means for warmth but it turns into a beloved item that represents safety and comfort. 

Protection from the Sun 

Particularly beneficial in those areas of the country that get plenty of sunlight throughout the year, your muslin can be used to shield baby from the sun in the car or in the stroller as you go for a walk in the park. 

Breastfeeding Cover-up

Feeding your child in public can be a challenge. But when you bring your muslin along, you can maintain some privacy as you breastfeed baby. Drape one or more of them over yourself and you have an instant cover-up to feed in peace and you can feel more comfortable about providing for your infant in a public setting. 

Diaper Changing Mat 

You never know when you're going to need to change a diaper. Having one or two muslin blankets handy at all times keep you well-prepared for the unexpected. When it's time for a diaper change, simply lay down a muslin wherever you happen to be and swap out that soiled diaper for a fresh, clean one.

Spit Up Cloth

Burping your baby is going to require some tidying up after the deed is done. A muslin blanket can be helpful and effective for minimizing clean up so baby can spit up without the fear of your shirt, blouse, or pants getting messy in the process. 

Playtime Accessory 

Muslin isn't just good for comfort, warmth, and cleaning up messes, they can also help to engage your child's imagination and creativity. You can use muslin blankets to build tents or tie them around the shoulders so your child can wear it as a cape and feel like a superhero. Your child may even decide to swaddle a doll with the fabric in much the same way he or she was kept safe and protected as a baby. 

Picnic Blanket

The uses for muslin blanket material don't end when your baby gets older. You can keep these fabrics around to use when you go on a picnic with your family. Lay one or two of them down on the grass and you have a comfortable and safe place to relax and enjoy lunch or dinner outdoors.