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The 365 Blanket™ - LESS THAN PERFECT

Color: Arctic White


Oversized Full 96" x 96"


The Ultra Lightweight Blanket


30-Nights Risk-Free Trial
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For those who wanted something a little bit lighter and cooler. Whether you're a hot or cold sleeper, this bedspread has got you covered 365 days of the year! No more sleeping with separate blankets!! The magical temperature-regulating properties of 100% pure muslin cotton ensure you stay cozy (not sweaty) and comfortable all night. Doctor recommended for hot sleepers or those suffering from night sweats or hormonal changes. Designed to be used "European Style" without a top sheet for maximum breathability. We reinvented bedding sizing to stop blanket hogging once and for all! This bedspread is HUGELY oversized, making it perfect for couples who constantly fight over covers. It also hides unsightly mattress/box springs, giving your bedroom a clean and polished look. Please triple check sizing! While it looks light and airy, a king size weighs in at 6 lbs! You have to experience it to understand how it hugs and conforms to your body like a comforting hug (according to our own customers), without being too heavy or trapping body heat. The best part? Our founder, Shyla, made sure the 365 Blanket is easy to wash in a standard home washer & dryer!! No special settings required, just wash/dry on normal. Everything is pre-shrunk! Pro tip: Clip corners together and make a blanket taco for maximum drying efficiency. We do NOT recommend using fabric softener, dryer sheets, or chemical based detergents as they can cause the blanket to get hard and stiff from the chemicals. We pre-wash all our products in Bio Brite, our specially created, 100% natural, non-toxic, detergent/spot treater. (Sold separately here [ insert hyperlink] Say goodbye to disrupted poor-quality sleep and hello to the ultimate sleep experience with our 30-night risk-free Better Sleep Guarantee! SIZING: Oversized King: 120" x 120"* (For reference: On a 25" high king bed - floor to top of mattress - the King 365 Blanket will hang a little more than half way down on the sides of the bed.) Oversized Queen: 110" x 110"* (Our queen is larger than a typical king bedspread) Full/Double: 96" x 96"* Twin: 96" x 71"* Due to the 100% pure cotton muslin, sizing is not absolute and color may vary slightly from piece to piece and some minor pilling may occur.


Color: Arctic White


Oversized Full 96" x 96"



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30-Nights Risk-Free Trial

Try the 365 Blanket completely risk-free for 30 nights. If you don’t absolutely love it, return it for a full refund. No questions asked, and we also pay the shipping back for customers within the continental United States.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Muslin Cotton?

Muslin cotton is a loosely woven fabric with a weave that produces a fine, smooth texture. At Muslin Comfort, our products are comprised of 4ply, 8-layer Muslin cotton, with each ply containing two intricately woven pieces of material.

Are Muslin blankets warm?

Muslin blankets are built to moderate your body temperature. This means you never get too hot or too cold with a Muslin blanket, staying at the perfect temperature throughout the night.

What are the dimensions of the 365 Blanket?

The Oversized Twin blanket is approximately 96” x 71"
The Oversized Full blanket is approximately 96” x 96"
The Oversized Queen blanket is approximately 110” x 110”
The Oversized King blanket is approximately 120” x 120
Everything is preshrunk, but due to its waffle weave, the sizing is not absolute and may vary slightly from piece to piece. Because it is 100% cotton, some minor pilling may occur.

How do I care for my 365 Blanket?

- Machine wash cold on gentle cycle
- Wash separately
- Tumble dry low
- Remove promptly
Each product from our Muslin Cotton Collection can be machine washed right at home. There’s no need for a commercial washer -- simply toss the Muslin cotton bedding or bath product into your washer with cool water and a gentle cycle, using a mild detergent. It is best to wash the blankets by themselves. Tumble dry low.
The best part? Your Muslin blanket gets softer with every wash. We recommend *not* using fabric softener or dryer sheets.

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