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Muslin Comfort

The Organic 365 Blanket

The Organic 365 Blanket

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Our founder's desire to offer an Organic Muslin 365 Blanket is finally here! 

Whether you're a hot (or cold!) sleeper, this /comforter/bedspread keeps your the perfect temperature 365 days of the year! The 365 Blanket is HUGELY oversized!  It will defeat your biggest blanket hog and end all blanket wars once and for all! Say goodbye to bad sleep and say hello to the magic of the 365 Blanket sleep experience  - a no-brainer our 30-night risk-free Better Sleep Guarantee on all bedding (excluding pillow cases)!

The 365 Blanket's breathable 100% pure muslin cotton weave is breathable & naturally temperature regulating to keep you cozy (not sweaty) and comfortable all night. No more synthetic blankets that hurt your health and don't breathe! Doctor recommended for those suffering from night sweats in particular.

SIZING (for "regular" bedding sizing, size down!!!!):

  • Oversized King: 120" x 120"* (For reference: On a 25" high king bed - floor to top of mattress - the King 365 Blanket will hang a little more than half way down on the sides of the bed.)
  • Oversized Queen (fits most king beds): 110" x 110"* 
  • Full/Double (fits most queen beds): 96" x 96"*
  • Twin: 96" x 71"*

 Please triple check sizing!

Designed to be used "European Style" without a top sheet for maximum breathability.

The best part? The 365 Blanket is easy to wash at home in a standard washer & dryer!! No special settings required, just wash/dry on normal. Everything is pre-shrunk!

Laundry Tip: Clip corners together and make a blanket taco for maximum drying efficiency. We do NOT recommend using fabric softener, dryer sheets, or chemical based detergents as they can cause the blanket to get hard and stiff from the chemicals. We pre-wash all our products in Bio Brite, our specially created, 100% natural, non-toxic, detergent/spot treater. 

Say goodbye to disrupted poor-quality sleep and hello to the ultimate sleep experience with our 30-night risk-free Better Sleep Guarantee!

*PLEASE NOTE: As of 1/8/2024 the color formerly known as Raw Sugar has been renamed Undyed. Due to the 100% pure cotton muslin, sizing is not absolute and color may vary slightly from piece to piece and some minor pilling may occur.*

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